Vacation Apartment Rental Website

Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions is looking for an entrepreneur who is interested in being the managing director of an online vacation apartment rental web site. If you have the experience and have wanted an an opportunity to start your own online business, this is the opportunity you were looking for.

Web Site Status

The web site is currently finished with the initial stages of development. It has an appropriate domain name and back office functionality, a logo and a domain name aged more than two years. You don’t have to have any experience with web development, design, SEO, or marketing. You will be instrumental in guiding the launch and development of the site based on your previous experience.


Interested parties should be able to demonstrate experience in the vacation apartment rental industry. You must be willing to commit the time to work hands-on to create content and register users for the website. Priority consideration will be given to applicants with WordPress experience. If you would like to discuss financial arrangements or other site details, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that will be binding until the site officially launches.

If you are interested in getting a jump-start in this business with a technical partner that has the experience to make this web site happen, or would like to know if there are any other business opportunities available, fill out the prospectus request form. Include as much relevant details as possible.

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