Entrepreneur: Bring Traffic to Your Site With These 4 Blogging Alternatives

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Case Study: Kinar Shabbat Landing Page


Kinar Hotel in the Galil was hosting a four-day Shabbat complete with speakers on a variety of topics. WebAds, an MGCS partner, engaged us to create a landing page as an online address to direct traffic for the duration of the campaign.

Screen shot of the landing pageObjective

The landing page was designed to promote the weekend as an online brochure and capture qualified leads that came from online advertising campaigns. The leads could then be followed and converted to reservations for the weekend.


Marc created a one-page solution that presented the information about the weekend based on a print brochure that had been designed previously. The page presented the visitor with a short online form that visitors could fill out with their basic contact information. The form then sent an email with the person’s information to several people in the hotel office.


As a result of the online advertising campaign with WebAds directing traffic to the landing page, the Kinar Hotel gathered hundreds of qualified leads for the weekend event. The campaign also raised awareness for the hotel as a place to stay for tourists in the Galil.