SEO Trends in 2014

Entrepreneur had an interesting article about the latest trends in SEO for this year. It reiterates what I’ve been telling my clients since I started in this business; it is your content that your customers want to see, not the fancy design. Now that search engines are starting to include more personal factors in determining page rank – author brand, market relevancy, social media and even platform availability – the old rule of quantity over quality is even less relevant.

I thought I’d turn the article into an infographic and share it.

The article talks about five different trends in SEO that reflect how search engines are utilizing different factors in ranking your content. By focusing on the user’s experience with your content, you will improve the value of your engagement and your overall potential for converting a visitor to a customer.

SEO Trends in 2014
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Integrating SEO Elements

The relationship between links, social media and content is becoming more integrated. Good quality content shared through social media channels and linked to by quality web sites will improve your search engine ranking.

Content Marketing

Writing generic articles with broad appeal is not good enough for today’s sophisticated content consumers. Effective content marketing means delivering more focused, directed materials to your various market segments.

Mobile Optimization

Smart phones and mobile devices are becoming more commonplace, and that means your platform has to deliver content the way your customers want to see it.

Building Your Brand

Branded content from recognized authors is now more valuable than anonymous content. By associating yourself with your content, you will rank higher in search results and enable  you to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Social Media in SEO

Search engines are beginning to value your social media engagement as an indicator of how to determine your placement in search rankings. The easier you make it for your viewers share your content through social media, the better your search results will be.

These new trends don’t mean you have to abandon the content marketing strategy you have in place already. but it does mean that you have to critically reevaluate how you are producing, marketing and displaying your content. By adjusting your content focus, branding, marketing and even website template, you will help promote your business as well as improve your relevancy to search engines.

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