Why “Creative Solutions?”

Creative Solutions always reminds me of my primary specialty: troubleshooting. Euphemistically, a “creative solution” is troubleshooting a problem, especially if the obvious solution isn’t possible for one reason or another. It’s always been sort of an inside joke for me. And, troubleshooting isn’t limited to what I can do on the Web.

About Me

I┬ábegan my career in web development all the way back in 1996. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on providing niche marketing and technology solutions for businesses with interests in Israel and the United States. I provide the highest-quality services in a variety of interrelated fields, including computers, graphic design, print media, marketing, networking and copy writing. I’ve worked for an international ISP, a leading worldwide financial institution, a news media dot-com, and the major New York City energy utility.


I’ve worked extensively with nonprofits, focusing on providing cost-effective solutions for organzations whose budgets are dependent on charitable donations.

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