Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions offers competitive pricing to meet your company’s budget. We have the most comprehensive set of graphics, programming, business development and marketing services available.

Introductory Rate

If you are new to working with MGCS, or you just want to try us out without a long-term commitment, this is just what you need to get a feel for working with us. No one likes rushing into something new, so to ensure a happy and prosperous relationship, we offer new clients a 3-hour trial package for ₪399.00. This limited trial expires 30 from the date of purchase. Because this rate is so low, we can’t issue refunds for unused time.

Hourly Rate

Our standard rate of service is ₪350 per hour. This includes graphic design, web development, online advertising, market research, data mining, and anything else we can do for you. We bill in 15-minute increments, which means you pay only for the work we do. Invoices are submitted monthly, with net/30 terms.

Hourly Blocks

Hourly rates can be purchased in 5-hour blocks at a rate of ₪325 per hour. Hours are eligible for month-to-month rollovers but expire if not used within 3 months. Refunds are issued within the first 24 hours for any unused hours. If you need more hours during the course of the month, additional 5-hour blocks can be purchased at any time.

Retainer Rate

You can hire Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions on retainer for long-term commitments. Clients who hire us on a retainer receive a 30% discount on our hourly rate, so they pay only ₪245 per hour. Retainer packages start at 10 hours per month for a minimum of three months. Invoices are sent at the start of every month, with net/5 terms. Hours worked beyond the agreed monthly retainer are billed at the end of the month. A maximum of five unused hours are eligible for month-to-month rollovers. Refunds are issued within the first 48 hours for unused hours.

Project Package

If you have a single project you would like us to complete, we offer competitive project rates that can be customized to fit your project needs and scope.

We Thrive On Referrals

We value your business and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. As a special thank you for referring new clients to us, you’ll receive an additional five hours of service, credited to your account. The credit is applied to the first monthly invoice after the first paid month of your referral. We love giving out this bonus! There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

For our policies regarding payments, please view our policies page.

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