Lifehacker: Why Business Cards Still Matter

In a recent article on Lifehacker, the following observation was made about business cards:

Business cards still matter because our memory sucks. How many times have you met someone, spent most of the conversation thinking of what to say so you don’t sound stupid, then promptly forget their name when it’s all over?

Yes. All the time. I also have a QR code on the back of my cards so you can immediately put it into your smartphone, as the article suggests.

Did you know I’m also a full service print material provider? I provide everything from rollup banners to, well, business cards. I’ve made business cards for most of my clients, and you can really get creative with them. Your cards can explode with color, use high resolution pictures, round corners, make them any size, even make them folded! Digital printing also means you’re not stuck with one design, nor do you have to print up 1000 business cards at a time.

Here’s something you might not have known: you can have as many as eight(!) custom designs per run. Picture handing out different cards at the next networking event, and have people argue over which design they like the best. Trust me, I know this works – from personal experience.


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