Lead Generation

Does it seem like everyone else on the Internet is making money online? Well, the probably are, using lead generation Web sites. You’ve probably been on a few of them yourself.

Internet users are getting more savvy all the time, so your Web site to generate leads for your business needs to stand out more than ever before. A decade ago, everyone thought that all commerce would be automated through the Internet. But they were wrong; customers still want that personal, individual feeling they get. Lead generation Web sites let your customers “walk through the door” so to speak, and contact you first. So you already know they’re interested!

Instead of big, clunky, hard-to-navigate Web sites that try to be all things to everyone, lead generation Web sites are narrowly focused only on getting contacts from people who are interested in your product or service. Then it’s up to you to do what you do best: sell your products and services.

Your new lead generation website uses the powerful WordPress content management platform, the industry standard in building fast, responsive, easy to maintain Web sites. We’ll set the site up with a basic template that fits with your business style. The site is Google AdSense ready, Google Analytics ready, and SEO ready. In other words, you’ll be able to get started generating leads for your business right away.

You can get started on building your new lead generation website today. Only ₪49 per month in one annual payment of ₪588. We offer a terrific Social Media setup package for only ₪199. And as your needs grow for your lead generation Web site, we can enhance it with premium templates, enhanced functionality and more… whatever it takes for you to make the sale! We’re here to help, with free email and chat support,  and top-tier, hands-on site support that won’t break the bank.


If you set up your lead generation Web site up with us today, the cost of your domain name for the first year is on us! After that, it’s only ₪50 per year.

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