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In July, 2011, I was sitting around talking to a couple of bloggers at a tweetup, when it was proposed to me that a tool was needed to consolidate what’s going on in the Jewish blogosphere. Having been given a general idea of what was needed, I knocked together what was described to me.

The tool, as it is, stands unused, which makes me sad. Not that it was particularly hard to do or took a long time, but that the potential is being wasted. The reason why it was so far unused is irrelevant. Don’t be a yenta.

So, in an effort to give back to the community, I offer the tool for you to use:


In short, this tool fetches RSS feeds from a list of bloggers. It uses the tags that the bloggers have used to sort into various categories. Then it links to those posts. You can also view the latest posts by author. This tool help you see at a glance what Jewish bloggers are writing about.

Here are the rules:

  1. If you send me an RSS feed, I’m going to add it manually. Which means that I might not get to it that microsecond. If it doesn’t appear within a week, either I have a really good reason why it didn’t go up, or I still haven’t gotten to it. Chances are your RSS feed wasn’t good.
  2. If your RSS feed is in the system, but you don’t tag your posts, don’t be shocked that they’re not being sorted into categories. This is a simple, stupid tool. Don’t be stupider than it.
  3. If your RSS feed is on the site and you don’t want it there, then disable your RSS, because that’s the whole purpose of RSS; syndication.
  4. If you have a feature request, email me privately and make your case. This is a very low-maint site.
  5. Yes, the tool scrapes your site for content. No, I’m not reposting your content for personal gain. See? No ads, no marketing, no nothing. Stop hyperventilating.
  6. If your RSS feed is invalid, I’m dropping it.


3 thoughts on “Jewish Bloggers Tool

  1. As usual, hearing how you say it is as fun as what you have to say. You’re too young to be a crabby old man. But you’re going to be very, very good at it. Oh, yeah — and thanks for the effort and the product. If I had any champagne around this place, I’d smack a bottle against my computer screen, or cut a ribbon, or something.

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