What is Excel Really Costing You?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a software application package or suite that is designed to improve a company’s communication with customers and prospects. The most basic CRM systems generally target sales information, such as monitoring details for expenses, price data, as well as statistics for product revenue by location and market. These details are crucial for corporations as they evaluate their share of the market and plan long term sales strategies. More advanced applications are usually able to go a step forward, often handling all areas of customer interaction, including technical support and customer service features. Every type as well as every size of company or firm can benefit from CRM programs, and they can save a lot of work when it comes to managing and compiling information.
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Video Content: Are You Ready for Your Closeup?

Video content is catching up to written content, and is poised to overtake it, possibly even this year. It is entirely possible that your video content could be the deciding factor in landing a new client. Do you think you’re ready to start your video content marketing? Your competition does…

May I have the envelope, please?
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CRM Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

One of the tools most absent from the non-profit landscape is surprisingly a CRM, or in their case, a Donor Relationship Manager. Most smaller non-profits, as one would expect, work with Excel, or a multitude of Excel spreadsheets. Why? Because, silly, it comes for free! And don’t you know that free is better?

Well, as you know, I’ve already discussed how I feel about a spreadsheet versus a CRM. And I’m not quite done on the subject, either. But let’s look at using a CRM through the lens of a non-profit organization.

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CRM Solutions for Motivational Speakers

It takes a brilliant type of logical ability to inspire the audience, it is not easy to motivate others to feel inspired or work harder or change their opinions and attitudes. A motivational speaker is a stickler in persuasive speech tactics; he or she uses a lot of techniques to motivate his students or audience. The best motivational speeches are well focused, passionate, and concise.

A motivational speech usually incorporates great content that is delivered with full conviction, energy, and according to the ambiance. The material as well as the content must be interesting and engaging; however, it should also be categorized and planned so that a coach can engage with the audience, sales team, or workers. A CRM solution is ideal for business coaching industry; it is the best motivational tool. Whether you are a motivational speaker, life coach or business coach, you can leverage your CRM investment.

Here’s how.
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Six Website Goals for 2016

New year resolutions are all well and good, but every good business owner needs to establish concrete goals for their business in order to survive. Sometimes the goals can be short term and require little planning. Others require methodical planning, consistent updating and sheer force of will to complete.

This is not a listicle; it is a planning tool for this year.
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SEO Checkup DIY

The original title of this post was Free SEO Checkup for Your Site in which our story’s hero, me, would provide you with a detailed SEO report about your site, and then follow up with ways to improve your site’s SEO health. I’ve been marketing this service for a while, and have had some pretty happy customers whose rankings have improved after learning where their sites were lacking.

In the interest of transparency, I will now reveal the tool I use to do this research.

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