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What is Excel Really Costing You?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a software application package or suite that is designed to improve a company‚Äôs communication with customers and prospects. The most basic CRM systems generally target sales information, such as monitoring details for expenses, price data, as well as statistics for product revenue by location and market. These details […]

Six Website Goals for 2016

New year resolutions are all well and good, but every good business owner needs to establish concrete goals for their business in order to survive. Sometimes the goals can be short term and require little planning. Others require methodical planning, consistent updating and sheer force of will to complete. This is not a listicle; it […]

SEO Checkup DIY

The original title of this post was Free SEO Checkup for Your Site in which our story’s hero, me, would provide you with a detailed SEO report about your site, and then follow up with ways to improve your site’s SEO health. I’ve been marketing this service for a while, and have had some pretty […]