Case Study: Jerusalem Ramada Landing Page


The Jerusalem Ramada Hotel wanted to maximize their occupancy for their Pesach 2014 holiday season. In order to identify qualified leads from potential customers, Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions created a landing page where online advertising could be directed.

The structure of the landing page consists of marketing text, images of the hotel, and a short, five-field contact form. Visitors who fill out the form received an email with the rates schedule, and the hotel received an email with the information the visitor submitted.

The advertising campaign ran on a single website,, and an email blast was sent to their list of subscribers. The response to the advertising was immediate. The hotel received hundreds of qualified leads, all with names, email addresses, phone numbers, room package preference, and potential length of stay, in other words all the information they needed to make the sale.

The Ramada’s landing page for Pesach helped them capture leads and focus their outbound sales team on customers who have already expressed an interest in their product.

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