B2B Business Coach Technology Services

As a business coach, you are constantly looking for ways to help your clients manage, improve and expand their own businesses. As a business coach myself, I am always challenged to find innovative ways to improve my clients’ workflows, allowing them to manage more customers, products, and services with fewer resources.

In today’s world, technology is often the critical element is the success of any business, online or offline.

My own business coach helped me tremendously by giving me the focus and guidance get my business on track. Her suggestions naturally led me to evaluate or devise technological solutions for creating task lists and reminders, scheduling, project tracking, billing and invoicing, budgeting… all the tasks that you need to run your business. By implementing technological solutions, you can spend less time managing your practice and more time working with your clients.

Bottom line? I want to help you help your clients succeed.

Business Coach Client Relationship Management

It goes without saying that managing your clients is critical for your business. Having a schedule that is easy to reference and adjust is a key element to maintaining a successful practice. A CRM is an invaluable tool for a small business. It gives you a tremendous number of options for tracking and communicating with your current clients, and helps you gather and qualify new potential clients.

Online and Offline Seminars

Schedule an online seminar using Google Hangouts, Skype or other video chat service to give a brief introduction to your business coach methodology. Schedule yourself at networking meetings to speak about your services.


One of the most critical value-adds you can provide your clients that can set you apart from your competitors is to give your business coaching clients daily motivational encouragement, which is an out-of-the-box feature for any proper CRM. You can create an email flow to deliver motivational messages or reminders on schedule.

Create an email subscriber list and prepare a teaser email campaign with a CTA (call to action) to give prospective clients a taste of your business coaching methods and styles. Don’t give it all away, just enough to leave them wanting more.

Social media is in important channel for any service provider. It allows you to engage with prospective clients in an informal way, building up comfort and trust so eventually they can hire you as their business coach.

Having a website is imperative, since most people are now starting their research online. If potential clients can’t find you, they can’t hire you.

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