A Better Idea for Your Marketing Strategy

Your business must grow in order to survive. Whether you’re a local retailer or an international charity, finding and retaining new customers is an ongoing business goal. Without it, your customers will simply disappear, whisked away by your competition. So how do you find new customers — and keep your existing ones — to help your business grow? By developing a marketing strategy.

Finding a new market can breathe life into your sales. Developing an online marketing strategy to find and engage new potential markets is a how successful businesses and entrepreneurs create new business for themselves. By creating and following a plan to identify, develop and retain new customers, you eliminate the guesswork.

The same concept applies to existing customers. They may be familiar with a handful of your products and services, but do they know about everything your company can provide them? Do they know about your recent successes? Showing your existing customers that your business is growing and thriving boosts their confidence in your brand, which results in lower customer attrition rates.

Online marketing strategies are easier to develop, inexpensive to implement, and can show results more quickly than more traditional marketing methods. By working with Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions to identify the market you would like to target, we can develop a plan to reach those customers.

There are three main points to developing your marketing strategy that you need to answer as the business owner:

  1. Who are the customers we’re trying to reach? Are they new customers, existing customers, or leads you’re trying to convert to customers? Having a clear vision of who you’re trying to reach is always the first step.
  2. How are we going to reach those customers? There are dozens of ways to reach new potential customers online, and together we’ll choose which methods are right for your business to reach those customers.
  3. Once we have those customers, how are we going to get them to keep coming back for more? Retention is the key to growing a business, and in many ways it’s easier to retain existing customers than to develop new ones.

Our Approach

Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions uses a simplified approach towards developing your marketing strategy that follows industry guidelines, covering more than a dozen different points. This helps us create a clear, easy to follow plan for your business.

Please fill out the questionnaire below. This will provide us with the information we need to help you realize your marketing goals. We will then contact you for your free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how to successfully develop an online marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing Strategy Questionnaire

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