Animated Whiteboard Video Advertising

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about video being the next important content type online businesses need to embrace. Well, you can either do it the hard way, which is learn an entirely new discipline, or, you can have me take care of it for you.

Either way, there are some things we need to discuss.

You’ve probably seen an animated whiteboard video before. A hand comes out and ‘draws’ a cartoon and accompanying text. In 30-60 seconds you’ve been pitched a product or service. It’s cute, light, and informal, but gets the message across very strongly.

Creating the message for a video of this type is not that complicated. You have to boil down your sales points to one very succinct sentence, with no more than 8-10 sentences total. Focus on promoting one and only one product or service. Make sure you have branding and your URL at the end of the video as well.

I like the format of telling a story. It’s more engaging for the reader, I mean, viewer. Start with a business problem people can relate to, then without going into detail (that’s what the landing page is for), provide the solution.

Here’s a sample that I’ve done for myself:

I’m not touting the features of the CRM, I only go enough into Ellen’s back story to present the business problem, I’m not providing a complete list of services I offer. Problem, solution, result. Simple.

And if that’s not enough, Facebook is rewarding video posts by allowing you to put a CTA right on the video, so you can get your viewers to your fulfillment page even faster. Even Twitter is saying that videos are getting huge engagement numbers, even though their videos are limited to 30 seconds.

So grab your beret and megaphone and let’s start making some movies together.

PS It’s not as expensive as you think…

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