Brush Up on Your Marketing Techniques

Marketing techniques come and go. Some have been around since the first online ads blinked their way onto your screens, while others are new and innovative. Read on and see what suits your style, then build up your plan to reach the market your’re targeting.

Content Marketing

Still one of the most powerful online marketing methods available. Why? Because every single web page ever published is about content. Content marketing is nothing more than writing helpful, informative, and easy to comprehend articles that visitors are looking for, without trying to pitch them something, or by keeping the pitch soft. I used to tell my clients that if they weren’t comfortable with writing, they should hire it out, but I no longer believe that. It’s hard at first, and slow, but the more you write, the easier it gets. It helps you understand your business better, too. Make your article accessible. Don’t worry about turning every article into a masterpiece. By focusing on your topic, you’re helping your readers. Separate your advertising and your information. Convince them you’re the Subject Matter Expert, and they won’t need the ads to convince them to hire you. It’s okay to let your personality peek through in your articles. You’re not a reporter, you’re a businessperson.

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging helps you connect with your customers on a one-to-one, personal level. The Internet has removed the barriers between corporate and customer. More informal than articles, blog posts are often used to give readers an ‘inside look’ at the business process and people. Be sure and update your site regularly. I say it all time: the people like fresh, relevant content.

Online Networking

As with offline networking, online networking is critical to develop your business leads. You connect with people and share more about your business while building a reputation for being. You can develop a nearly unlimited supply of leads just from a little bit of research and networking. There are several ways to do this online: email discussion groups, online forums and social media are the first places to start looking for people to network with.

Obviously these are only a few of the hundreds of marketing techniques you can use to develop your market space.

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