60-Second Solution: Social Comments

Let your users commentThere’s a constant tug of war between you and getting users to register on your site. The trade-off is their contact information for whatever service or premium content you’re providing. And for most sites, the fight is usually over adding comments to a site. Thankfully there are may different vendors that offer systems that replace the default WordPress comments.

Install a plugin that replaces the built-in comments system that comes with WordPress. I prefer to use SEO Facebook Comments, since it does double duty as a comment system and a way to have content in my Facebook social media channel. If you use Youtube or Google+ extensively, there are WordPress plugins that integrate with those sites as well. Remeber that it’s your site, so ultimately it’s up to you to choose whether or not you want to moderate your comments.

Making it easy for your visitors to add comments on your site help keep them engaged and adds valuable, reader-contributed content.

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