60-Second Solution: Call Links for Mobile Devices

Having a telephone number on your site is great. Clicking on it to make a phone call? Outstanding! Remember, as more people use smart phones, your have to expect that users might be viewing your site on one. And if they can reach you by clicking on your phone number, you’ve just made it easier for them to become a customer.

There are three mobile technologies that you can easily click to call. I’ve given code examples below:


<a href="tel:+97229919443">+972-2-991-9443</a>
It’s recommended that you use the international format for your number. You can test this by clicking here. I might even pick up.


<a href="skype:jmaimarc?call">Skype Me!</a>
If you want to test a Skype call, click here. Echo123 is Skype’s testing account. The Skype icon in my navigation bar above initiates a chat, not a call.

Google Talk

<a href="gtalk:call?jid=jmaimarc@gmail.com">Call me on Google Talk!</a>
If you want to test a GTalk call to me, click here. The GTalk icon in my navigation bar above also initiates a chat, not a call.

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