60 Second Solution: Incentive for Customer Engagement on Social Media

Local businesses have an interest in creating social media incentives for their in-store customers. Online recommendations can mean all the difference to businesses in competitive markets. Personal recommendations from friends are much more likely to draw customers than regular online advertising. Try this incentive solution to increase your online social media engagement.

Offer a $5 ‘instant’ coupon incentive when customers come in to your store, and post on their social media with a hashtag and an internal link to your social media channel (@yourtwittername for twitter, your linkedin profile for linkedin, fb/fixedatfischers, for facebook, etc.). Then, you ‘thank’ them with “Thank you, and here’s your FREE coupon!” with a cute graphic (maybe with a huge “Redeemed” rubber stamp across it). Then take the $5 off right at the register.

Post a QR code prominently at your register that takes them to a page on your web site that explains the rules for redeeming their $5 incentive. You can use your website to cross-promote your business as well, and get your customers to add themselves to your newsletter.

By getting your happy customers to tag and recommend you on their social media and by your engaging them, you can expand your customer base. And, you can calculate your cost of acquisition by charting your social media growth against your redeemed coupons.

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