60-Second Solution: Check Your Statistics

statsYour website site statistics can give you a tremendous amount of information about your site.

  • Total number of visitors
  • Total number of pages seen
  • Traffic by day of month
  • Traffic by day of the week
  • Traffic by hour of the day
  • Countries of visitors
  • Browsers
  • Visit duration
  • First page viewed
  • Last page viewed
  • Search engine queries
  • Sites linking to your site

By knowing what keywords your visitors are using to visit your site, you’ll be able to promote that product or service.

By knowing when your visitors are coming to your site, you can schedule new content to be published at the right time.

By knowing where your visitors are coming from globally, you may decide to make your site multilingual.

Look to your statistics to give you empirical information about your site so you can make more informed decisions.


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