Six Website Goals for 2016

New year resolutions are all well and good, but every good business owner needs to establish concrete goals for their business in order to survive. Sometimes the goals can be short term and require little planning. Others require methodical planning, consistent updating and sheer force of will to complete.

This is not a listicle; it is a planning tool for this year.

I’ve compiled a list of six goals based on past articles. Commit yourself and your business to achieving those goals for this year. Check back as you complete your goals and leave your comments so we can all be proud of each other this year!

    WordPress Scheduled Posts – get ahead of your content and schedule your articles to publish.

    The Other Half of Keyword Advertising – it’s just as much about who you reach as how you reach them. Refine your target markets.

    Advanced Email Marketing – email, the elder statesman of online marketing, is still as relevant today as it ever was. Take your email marketing to the next level.

    Google Analytics – know how your visitors are using your website, so you can make it better for them.

    Website Security – if you’ve been having trouble with malicious scripts and code on your site, it’s time to take back control.

    From XLS to CRM – get your customer relationship management under control by starting to use a CRM tool, or explore the features of your CRM you haven’t used before.

Every Goal Needs A Reward

Your goal will give you achievements, but you need a reward. Everyone does, it’s in our nature. Rewards make us feel good about our accomplishments beyond the benefits we get from reaching our goals. So whether it’s a spa day, a movie, a chocolate bar or a fancy lunch, do something to celebrate your success because you’ve earned it!

Goal Achievement Tools

If you’re into project management, use a project management tool. If you’re a task list person, use a task list. If you’re a calendar event kinda gal, make a calendar instance. It doesn’t matter, just make sure you’re diligent about planning, tracking and recording your progress towards your goals.

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