Freepik: 10 Steps To Stop Procrastinating

Amanda Andrade posted an article on procrastination. In it, she writes:

People tend to avoid tasks that are hard or boring, and it is normal. In the days that we live in, we have a lot of distractions, and even tasks that are pleasant to do, are avoided because we have so much to do, and it is exhausting, so that’s why we procrastinate.

Guilty as charged.

In case there was any doubt, sometimes things on my calendar slide. Like a waiter holding drinks. On a silver tray. In a hurricane. On a cruise ship. Wearing roller skates. It’s not intentional; it’s life. I work extremely hard at not letting this happen, and yet it still does.

As you have already read, I am a tremendous fan of the site, which provides me with my banners and icons, infographics and photos. They also have a blog that I’ve been following for quite some time.

You should read her entire article, but to sum up her points:

  1. Divide Your Work In Steps
  2. Change Your Environment
  3. Create Specifics Deadlines
  4. Find Your Time
  5. Share Your Work
  6. Don’t Be A Perfectionist
  7. Don’t Be A Negative Person
  8. Focus On The Goal
  9. Do One Task At A Time
  10. Give Yourself A Break


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