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    I needed to transfer a load of pictures from a client’s iPad. When I plugged it in, it was recognized, but the folder it presented wasn’t the DCIM one that I was expecting. I opened it in Dolphin, which was one of the options the Device Notifier in the system tray offered me. Needless to say, I didn’t see any photos in it.

    I started poking around, looking for a program that would mount an iPad in Linux. I had gtkpod installed, but that didn’t work. I checked through the repositories and didn’t turn up anything.

    The other choice in the Device Notifier was to import the pictures using Gwenview, a KDE Image Viewer. I clicked on it, and it made sense of the iPad filesystem, imported all of the photos at once, and deleted them from the source. It gave me an option to rename the files using date, time, extention, etc., and automatically renamed photos that were already present in the destination folder.

    Another win for Linux.

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